Epic Rap Battles of History!

Lately things have been pretty idle in office. Some changes were happening in my team which led me to have no work for nearly two weeks. I got bored and resolved to surfing the internet to pass my time (along with playing loads of Ping Pong in my office cafeteria).

In the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos, more than probably what I saw in the past 2-3 months. So while surfing randomly I came across something called “Epic Rap Battles of History – Gandalf vs Dumbledore”. At first I laughed, but after seeing the video I freaking loved it. Great Raps, great tunes and great acting by both Gandalf and Dumbledore. On further checking, I came across a lot of similar videos all titled with “Epic Rap Battles of History”. I sincerely believe everyone should check out these videos; they’re just around 2 minutes but epic as their title suggests.

After the end of each battle, the viewer is left to decide who won. In most cases the battles are typically fair, although a few taper towards one person more. After viewing (and downloading) all of them, I’m giving out my reviews and conclusion on each of these rap battles. 8)

Overall, there are 11 battles. They release around 1 battle a month (not always the case though). Without further waiting, let the Battle reviewing BEGIN!

1) John Lennon v/s Bill O’Reilly

Okay, I’m going serially. To be honest, this one was probably the least interesting out of all the 11. The fact that I didn’t really know both of these guys well kinda added to my disinterest. However, the raps were good and both put up a fair fight.

Who Won?
Tie. Both John and Bill were pretty good. And since I don’t know them well enough, I’m truly being impartial. xD

2) Darth Vader vs Hitler

OMG! Who would have thought. DARTH VADER VS HITLER. This screams epic even at the thought of it.  I guess that’s why it has the most views out of all the Battles. Personally, its my favorite choice of the 11 videos if you consider the characters. Hitler started this one off and looked good until Vader got his raps going. They were TIGHT! Frankly, Hitler was disappointing. He didn’t show up a good fight and looked more like a pansy. Darth Vader on the other side was truly DARTH VADER. The Carbonite bath part was LOL!

Who Won?
Darth Vader. You gotta admit, this was a bit easy to decide. Hitler’s raps just didn’t have it in them to defeat the original “Dark Lord”. xD

3) Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

Another awesome set of characters. Now this is a battle you’d be interested to see. Random but epic. Abe Lincoln (Nice Peter) personally did a great job acting out as Lincoln. And one would think Chuck Norris wins by default, but not quite. Abe’s raps were kick-ass while Chuck was talking more about himself and what all he’s done. The part where Chuck says “I’m Chuck FUCKING Norris” was damn funny. At that single moment, you’d think, “Damn, HE IS CHUCK NORRIS. WIN”. But without being all Chuck Norris about this battle, the verdict was a bit simple.

Who Won?
Abe Lincoln. But I guess Chuck allowed him to win. 😛

4) Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

Another very random battle, but a GREAT one. Sarah Palin was awesome in this and so was Lady Gaga. Both had really good raps, but some facts about Sarah really helped out here. 😛 Killed a moose with her bare hands is like.. wow. @_@ I loved how Lisa Nova (Sarah Palin) acted, especially when she said “Having sex with a frog”, xD. All in all, this was a bit difficult one to decide.

Who Won?
Sarah Palin. You gotta hand it to her. Her raps had more of an effect to Gaga, with the transvestite, and not being a lady and a lot of other stuff. Sorry Gaga fans 😛

5) Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim-Jong-Il

A tag-team rap battle sounded pretty interesting. Although, this was one of my lesser favorites. Kim-Jong-Il was unexpectedly awesome in this. Hulk Hogan’s raps were good although he kinda self-pwned with the check bouncing line. Macho Man Randy Savage FTW! but sadly his raps didn’t really have much effect. Kim-Jong-Il went hard with his raps and kicked ass.

Who Won?
Kim-Jong-Il. Not being partial. Just telling it like it is. His raps owned.

6) Justin Bieber vs Beethoven

This one is my personal favorite. I got to see Justin’s ass kicked. I got to see Beethoven kick Justin’s ass and the background music was just lovely (courtesy Beethoven again). Although, not to be partial, Justin himself was pretty good. His start-up line was great, although he kinda failed with his “Kim Kardashian on my bed backstage” line. Although, I loved how Nice Peter (who played Beethoven) gave an interested look after Bieber said that. This rap was epic alright, and the background music was tight. Beethoven FTW!

Who Won?
Beethoven. His raps were great and he avoided making stupid comments like Justin did.

7) Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Woo Hoo! A battle of 2 science geeks. This one is actually the slowest of all the rap battles, but I loved it nonetheless. Einstein really went hard on Hawking, I loved a few of his lines. Stephen responded well but there were only a few lines that were truly epic. In the 2nd verse, Einstein kept up his ownage. However, HAWKING came back, “There are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles that we can observe. Your mamma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd.” LMAO! This line had ownage written all over it. However, that was all there was to it for Hawking.

Who Won?
Einstein. His raps were consistent throughout. Although, Hawking’s epic line deserves a special mention.

8.) Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny

Ha ha. I really liked this one too. I love how random they are during battles. Surprisingly, the Easter Bunny did give Khan some competition, though Khan ruled. The Easter Bunny started his first verse really well, but his 2nd one was nothing great. Khan, on the other hand started good and got even more ownsome in his 2nd verse. I loved the background tune in this one too, really suited the battle.

Who Won?
Genghis Khan. His DNA is in dudes from New York to Japan. XD Owned!

9) Napoleon (Dynamite) vs Napoleon (Bonaparte)

Alright, I didn’t know who Napoleon Dynamite was but I wiki-ed him and watched the video again. This battle is also one of my personal favorites. It was very well fought from both the sides. The background music for both those guys were great too. Dynamite’s raps were kick-ass and so was Bonaparte’s. TILL THE VERY LAST LINE, I was unsure of the winner. Both were epic. But then, Bonaparte just KILLED it with his last line. “You’re the only type of Dynamite that’s never going to bang.” OMG! OMFG! OMFFGG! LMAO! I laughed my ass out. xD

Who Won?
Napoleon Bonaparte. ONLY because of his last line. It was pretty equal otherwise. That last line KILLED IT. XD

10) Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

I only started loving this one, after a few views. I liked the background music on this one. Benjamin Franklin was great and so was Billy Mays. During the 2nd guy, the Sham Wow guy took over and was great too. I loved the transition and the music that was played just before Sham Wow took over. xD This one again, was particularly tough to decide. However, we always have a winner.

Who Won?
Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin won by a whisker. His raps just had that little extra.

11) Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Wow! Gandalf vs Dumbledore was something I actually thought of as a battle. It was awesome to see both of them battle it out. The start was great from Gandalf but Dumbledore followed equally. Both of them fought like true Wizards. Although, I didn’t like how they made Dumbledore appear gay.

Who Won?
Dumbledore. Tough. I don’t really know why, but I think Dumbledore just had that attitude to him that made him won (or I’m just being partial xD).

That concludes the Epic Rap Battles so far. I’m looking forward to see the next one out. All of these videos are uploaded on the “NicePeter” channel. Most of the characters have either been played by Nice Peter or Lloyd Ahlquist. Personally, they’ve done an epic job.

That’s it for now. Thankfully, things at office have been resolved and I find myself with loads to do again. Will keep the blog updated whenever I can. ^^