Hello World!

That is how most of my programming in B.Sc. I.T started off with. Whether it be C, C++, or Java, the first thing we ever practiced was to type out the message “Hello World!” on the screen. This is how I’d like to start proceedings for my “blog” too. Hello World! – Welcome to my Blog. ^__^

The ones who know me don’t need my introduction. To those who don’t, I’m Abhishek Sayan, a 20 year old guy living in Mumbai, India. I’ve recently graduated from College and am working as a Business Development Specialist at a web presence company called Directi. Life has been great for me, and I’m enjoying this journey thus far.

My interests mostly include surfing the Internet, Information Technology, Writing, watching Japanese Anime, reviewing them, Website Development, etc. You’ll find me writing about these in my blog. I’ll also be writing about myself, my friends, and some random funny stuff I come across from time to time. xD

The idea behind creating a blog came from a few of my friends. They liked to read whatever I used to write. I felt good hearing that. Most of my time on the net was spent on Orkut Forums before, debating about any topic we could find. I then made a personal blog where I used to write some private stuff before. I thought it’d be good to have a public blog for my friends to read. I could write about anything I like or came to know about, and since I love writing, this seemed like a good idea. I was on Blogger earlier which was alright until I saw WordPress’s dashboard and found it much better. I think I’ll enjoy writing here. So far, so good.

Well, I guess that about covers it for an introductory post. Hopefully, you shall see more of my posts in the near future. =P ^_^

~ Abhishek Sayan


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